Program Nordsø-Festival

1st day

ARRIVAL-DAY/STARTING-DAY. The bands are accommodated in holiday-apartments with 4 or 6 persons in each. During the stay, dinners are joint meals with the other bands, while provisions for breakfast and lunch are delivered to each apartment. Fresh bread and milk is delivered each morning. Refrigerators in all apartments make the storage unproblematic. During the day we will arrange concerts in Blokhus for the bands who wish to partisipate. Dinner is served at a restaurant in Blokhus.

2nd day

COMPETITION-DAY. This is D-day for the bands participating in concert- and/or prima-vista-competitions. The succession of the bands will be drawn in advance, will be decided by drawing lots and of course it is allowed to listen to the other competitors performance. OBS! Not by the Prima-vista-competition.

The afternoon is at your free disposal and for those who wish to participate, marching and/or concerts will be arranged at the square in Løkken, a nice city by the sea. You can also visit Action House, also situated in Løkken. There are go-karts, bowling, billiards, arcade and a lot of other activities. Another possibility is to go bathing at the lovely beach in Løkken.

The bands eat dinner in Action House. We will return to Blokhus by bus.

3rd day

AALBORG-DAY. A musical invasion of the city of Aalborg is the topic of this day. Each band will be given a certain place and time to start. From there they all march to the old town hall of Aalborg, where an official of the city will great the participants. The bands then march on through the pedestrian street-areas to NORDKRAFT, a new musical meeting place in Aalborg. After this the bands have free time to do shopping, visit museeums, going to the zoo etc. The bands will have dinner in Blokhus. In the evening we will arrange concerts in Blokhus for the bands who are interested i participating.

4th day

FÅRUP-DAY. This is the day where the bands are visiting the amusement park Fårup Sommerland. Here you will find the biggest waterpark in Scandinavia and a lot of other activities, which are all free of charge. The bands will have dinner in Fårup and will be heading back to Blokhus at 17:00. In the evening, there will be distribution of prizes for the competitions at Blokhus Square.

5th day

DEPARTURE-DAY. During the morning the bands leave the apartments and proceed on the trip back home

SAM_0845IMG_6751FaarupSommerland_BolgebassinNF allround prisen